Spearpoint - Modern Espionage in Ancient Rome

Memorandum — The Heroes

The heroes of Spearpoint are the clandestine agents, special forces, and freelancers that tirelessly work for the betterment of the Roman Empire.

Within the Roman espionage establishment, certain organizations are mandated to offer a number of their most promising recruits to serve in a Vexilium Aquiliferorum. These organizations are not always willing participants in the multi-departmental process that staffs the Vexilium cells. However, part of the massive leeway given to a Tesserarius is to identify certain needs in their cell and to call on the appropriate Agency to provide an appropriate recruit. When a Tesserarius makes the official request to an Agency, the Agency has little recourse but to provide the appropriate manpower.

Specialize in behind-enemy-lines ops
Heavily armed scouts
Deployed Legionnaires:
Standing army of the Empire
Specialized troops, often of foreign descent
Urban police forces
Freelance spies and saboteurs
Praetorian Guard:
Elite Legionnaires with high-tech equipment
Urban Cohorts:
Soldiers specializing in urban warfare and police actions
Germani Coporis Custodes:
Special bodyguards to the elite of Roman society
Deep cover spies known for their dashing social skills

Besides these major agencies, a number of other entities, from influential families to the religious establishment send operatives on long-term assignment to a Vexilium Aquiliferorum.

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